At the Cross! Grace Manifest

What is at the Cross Grace Manifest all about?

As we joined the rest of the Body of Christ in celebrating the Death of our Lord Jesus Christ, we organized a Worship Night in conjunction with the Pastors and Churches in Muyenga Bukasa Themed “At the Cross! Grace manifest”

The grace of God was manifested to human race on Good Friday as God showed us his lavishly given Love to the point of giving his only begotten son to die for our Sins. its a day worth celebrating and a day when we remember the Love of Christ. As Roman 8 puts it Who can separate us from the Love of Christ, if his death and death on the cross could not, then who will?

We see Grace, we see freedom, when we see the cross, we see redemption. Glorious redemption oh what a friend we have in Jesus.

We thank God for giving us this opportunity to lead and worship God with his saints. As Worship Africa, we don’t take this lightly and cherish such opportunities. And we are not Just Worship leaders but rather lead worshipers.

God bless you and keep us in prayer.

If you are moved by God to Support us in one way of another, please feel free to Contact our Lead using the contact Us page and we will get in touch with you as soon as we get the message. Also if you want to Join us, please feel free also to write to us using the same form.


Thanks and God bless you.