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The Lord called us to go and preach the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ to the East of our Country in November 2019.

This call came in through one of the Pastors in our area who normally takes teams to his village to preach the Gospel annually and also hold an overnight service annually in the month of December. And also there are other Pastors who normally do the same in that part of the Country.

This area is highly concentrated with devil worship and practices of witchcraft and sorcery coupled with Human sacrifice with intention of getting wealth. This practice makes the local very much afraid and they badly need divine intervention. Their hope has always been the frequent visits by Mission teams from Kampala.

Now almost a whole year none of the teams is planning to go back there and they are now thinking could it be that these evil forces have over powered also the Born again Christians? Why are they not coming to our rescue?

But since this year started, there has never been a single evangelistic outreach in that area at all. And the people have started demanding that a team go to hold an evangelistic Crusade in there. Thus this Pastor calling on our team to go and do three things

  1. Preach the Gospel
  2. Train evangelists to continue with the work
  3. Pray for the area and the people.

So we are basically going to do just that in the three days ending November to first day of December. We intend to reach the Community with Gospel through

  • Door to Door evangelism using THE TEST TOOL
  • Training believers on usage of THE TEST TOOL
  • Hold an Overnight Prayer Service
  • Hold a two Day Crusade
  • Show Jesus Film for Two Days
  • Hospital Ministry
  • Medical Camp for Simple Sicknesses.
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