Operation Grace of God Uganda

Operation Grace of God is the Humanitarian hand of Sound of Worship Africa Ministries which came into being as a solution to the challenges that we meet as we go to different places of the country to minister to people in those areas especially in the Rural areas.

We find ourselves in a situation where some people will expect us to meet to their physical needs in areas of clothing, food, medication and sometimes even School fees and scholastic Materials.

We find ourselves in this situation in Tororo and Arua. When we went to Tororo for ministry in Potedo Mulanda, we met over 15 elderly people who were in need and we only had one Blanket and only were able to give to one lady. And in Arua, we were met with a huge need for Scholastic Materials for children who go to School without them. I was forced to get a few thousand shillings from my pocket to buy a few things in that area.

We also found our Community in 2020 being invaded by waters from the lake and submerging very any homesteads coupled by COVID-19, lots of people found themselves in dire need of food and shelter. We were unable to to do much but at least we were able to feed a few homesteads and provide alternative shelter for at least 3 homesteads.

We therefore think it would be wise to be able to offer humanitarian relief whenever it may be required.

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Operation Grace of God

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With Operation Grace of God, we want to touch lives with Acts of Grace in a more practical way.

Demonstrating the Love of God as we put Blankets, food, scholastic materials, clothing and Medicine in the hands of the needy of this world.


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