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The Lord Our Righteousness

For the past three Years, Our friends Life tabernacle Worship center have always organized a Worship service of Palm Sunday and Worship Africa would organize it on Good Friday.

And this Year we had quite an experience of Worship and Praise in the house of God. It is quite different when you see Bishops join in the throng of worship it is quite refreshing when Worship leaders are actually lead worshipers and it gets more refreshing when the congregation is at it and everyone is in the atmosphere of Worship. As Elevation Worship in their song say “The atmosphere is changing now, for the spirit of the Lord is here the evidence is all around”

For sure the evidence was all around us and we could literally sense and see it. That is what happens when the body of Christ joins in harmony to worship God and not in a show of sorts.

We await to see the same happen next year. i wait to see it happen again.

As in one of Don Moen’s Seminars i attended in Uganda he said. “A Church can never worship if the pastor is not a Worshiper” this really doesn’t mean that a pastor must be a singer, there is a difference between a singer and a worshiper. So the pastor can still worship without having to sing at all. And also this was one thing i saw and realized during this particular worship experience.

God bless Team Life Tabernacle and our Main man Rodrick Muhwezi. We will continue in that same spirit until our Lord Jesus Christ comes back and then we will continue what we started here on Earth in heaven.

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