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777 Over Night

What is 777 Over Night all about?

This is an annual over night organized by the Churches and Pastors of Muyenga Bukasa Kampala Uganda to usher in a new resolution towards the works of the devil in the area. During these over nights, the body of Christ in the area come together in prayer to put an end to some of the works of the enemy that seem to torment our people.

This year Worship Africa joined forces with the Unity of Pastors in the area as a force to recon with and lead the saints in Worship and Praise of the Might God. As we sang praises to his name and Worshiped, God manifested in power among his Saints. His glory was manifest and Three Apostles of our Lord Jesus Christ took to the podium to deliver their messages concurrently.

Such is the power of Worship and praise of Jehovah God and such is the manifestation of his glory as those who attended could testify.

We give glory to God that we were able to be of Service to his Kingdom and we continue to serve him even in the coming Years, in the mighty name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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