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Arua Missions First Love First things 2020


Missions to Arua 2020 just before COVID-19
Deliverance at Onduparaka Crusade

Our Missions to Arua took us to many places and ministered to many people groups.With the help of CMCI and Pastor David Carothers, we were able to do ministry.

During this Missions trip, we first ministered to one Church which was started by my Grandfather over 50 years ago. This Church seemed rather abandoned. But it was very vibrant in the inside, when we came in, they welcomed us very warmly and we praise the Lord together. Nevertheless, they need much help to evangelize their community and draw many to Christ. Therefore, if there is anyone who would love to join us in taking a gospel Crusade there, you are welcome to join me and send me a message either in comments or inbox or send an email to worshipafrica256@gmail.com

They also have an urgent need to complete the Church structure and roof it up. We will need to help them out. Let’s keep them in prayers and send in financial help to fix the Church structure.

We ministered to Pastors with how to make disciples of Jesus Christ. This training introduced them to Daily Transformation Journal tools to help them first build their personal relation with Jesus Christ by making him their first Love and doing all the 4 habits which are, Listen through prayer, Inquire through daily Bible reading and journaling, Fellowship weekly and then Express by sharing their faith a pattern of their lives and then encourage their members to do so. As this How our Lord Jesus Christ also did it. Show them how to do it by doing it and not telling them to go without showing them how to do it.

I believe it was a transformational training session and I am hoping thy will put it in practice.


In the same Missions trip, i realized we may need to visit them more often to pray with them and counseling them. For them to know there is someone who cares for them. And with that, I am sure lives will be transformed.

Gather the Harvest, because it seems many times the Gospel has been preached by different Missions but the converts are shown the way. They are left there in the field and eventually they go back to their old ways. So we will help the Churches to follow-up new believers and evangelize the community through our discipleship program to make sure they do first things of making Jesus their first love and thus start to bear fruit.
We will go back to those schools and help these students to understand that they are Children of God thus God knows them and cares for them and is ready to help them succeed.

We saw lots if things the Lord is doing in this area. Souls came to Jesus Christ; people were delivered like never before. Sicknesses healed, devils chased out of people. This unfortunately happened one day. And the Lord is sending me back to do two things basically.


Primary Pupils throng me for a Photo Moment
Aroi PS P7 pupils

During this Missions trips, we also went to Aroi Primary School where we spoke to the pupils about Jesus Christ. I realized those boys and girls really needed to be encouraged and assured that they can make it regardless of their current situation. They just have very low self-esteem and it is causing them not to focus on the first things as to why they are at School thus affecting their performance.

If you would like to Support us as we take the Gospel to the nations and the most remote places on this planet earth, you can either write to us an email via worshipafrica256@gmail.com or use our Contact Us page

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